Cool Tube Reflector 8 Inches

Cool Tube Reflector 8 Inches
Cool Tube Reflector 8 Inches Cool Tube Reflector 8 Inches
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8" x 640 Cool Tube Reflector

Airtube comes with silver reflector and 8" tube for air circulation.

  • Cool tube with interior and exterior half wing
  • Tempered 3mm glass tube high temperature resistance
  • Glued vents with glass tube, no air leak, assure 100% heat isolation and air cooling
  • Red glue instead of transparent glue for higher temperature standing
  • Hanging vertically and horizontally are both available
  • Pre-wired lamp socket with 15ft cord
  • 8" cool tube reflectors are ideal for ultra breezy ventilation.
  • Each end of the reflector will be hooked up onto a 8" ducting with a fan on one end to exaust the warm air produced by the HID lights.
  • Reflector can be used with a 400W, 600W or 1000W HPS or MH.
  • Measures: 64 x 35 x 23cm

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