Heat Exchanger 3 Fans

Heat Exchanger 3 Fans
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Heat Exchanger 3 Fans

The heat exchanger is a water chiller specially designed and made in Canada.

Connected the machine to a tap water source.

It will automatically activate according to the thermostat setting the user had programmed into the machine.

Water will then run through the built in chiller coils.

Fans will then vent the cool water from the coil into the room.

The water will go back out of the machine, which can be reused or disposed.

This machine is cost efficient and can reduce up to 25% of room temperature depending on the number of fans.

Water cooled heat exchangers are designed to keep indoor growing conditions constant.

Each fan has an easy to use temperature controlled solenoid.

When the temperature rises above your desired temperature, the solenoid opens letting water run through coils.

The fans suck air through the water cooled coils cooling the air efficiently.

  • Sturdy industrial design -
  • Keeps indoor growing temperatures constant
  • Easy to use digital thermostat controller
  • The water temperature needs to be cold to produce maximum cold air.

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