SunMax 600 Watt Switchable MH/HPS Digital Ballast

SunMax 600 Watt Switchable MH/HPS Digital Ballast
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SunMax 600 Watt Switchable MH/HPS Digital Ballast

SUNMAX 600W Switchable MH/HPS Digital Electric Ballasts are the new age of hydroponic lighting technology.

Each Ballast is made with high end components parts and latest technology to provide maximum power of HID lamp output.

The ballast are easy to use and light enough to put in storage or carry around. This product is made in the USA with CuL certified.

This product is currently being used by industrial and professional growers from all over the world.

Comparison between conventional 600W ballast with a 600W Digital Ballast, both with a Super HPS HID lamp shows that the 600W Digital Ballast actually increase the output of the lamp equivalent to 1300W output without the heat, meaning an increase in spectrum energy from the bulbs.

This will increase the plant's photosynthesis activities and provide the plant with a much more luxurious environment.

600W Digital Ballast has a 1 year in store warranty.


  • Can use either 120V or 240V from power outlet.
  • Operate quietly at all times.
  • Safe and secured from fire and accidents.
  • Very cool, a must for a hot environment!
  • 1000W is equivalent to 1300W when using a Super HPS HID LAMP.
  • Light weight, easy to install and use!
  • Small and safe for storage!
  • Does not require assembly.
  • Safe for the environment, contains no mercury or any harmful materials.
  • Fan keeps ballast running cool and at all times.
  • Over 30% more efficient than conventional ballast.
  • Ideal for hydroponics, aeroponics, greenhouse, home garden.

• Power output: 600 watts
• Voltage: 120V AC/ 240V AC 50/60 Hz
• Working temperature: -20 to 40 degree celsius
• Storage temperature: -40 to 85 degree celsius

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